Todd Snyder Returns: A Simple Guide for Quick and Easy Returns

todd snyder returns

Todd Snyder, a renowned menswear brand, has established a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction through its straightforward and customer-friendly return policy.

Todd Snyder returns are easy and their return policy is designed to ensure that customers feel confident in their purchases, knowing that they can easily return items that do not meet their expectations.

When Can You Return Something?

Here are the rules for returning items to Todd Snyder:

  • Time Limit: You have 30 days from when you bought the item to return it.
  • Condition: The item must be new, unused, and still in its original packaging. It should also have all the tags attached.
  • Non-Returnable Items: Items marked “Final Sale,” “Final Markdown,” or “Clearance” cannot be returned.

How to Return Items

There are two ways to return items: in-store or online.

Returning In-Store

  1. Find a Store: Go to the nearest Todd Snyder store.
  2. Bring Your Item: Take the item you want to return, along with the receipt.
  3. Talk to a Staff Member: Tell them you want to return the item. They will help you with the rest!

Returning Online

  1. Go Online: Visit the Todd Snyder website.
  2. Request a Return: Visit the return page on Todd Snyder’s website to initiate the return process.
  3. Enter the Order Number and Shipping Zip Code or email as shown in the image below
Todd Snyder Return page on their website
  1. Pack It Up: Place the item in its original packaging.
  2. Send It Back: Ship the package to the address provided by Todd Snyder.

Important Details

  • Shipping Costs: If you return something, the shipping costs are not refundable. That means you won’t get the money back that you spent on shipping.
  • Processing Time: It can take up to 10 business days for Todd Snyder to process your return once they receive it.
  • Refunds: After they process your return, it might take up to 5 business days for your bank to show the refund on your account.
  • Store Credit: Once a return is completed and you get store credit, you cannot change or transfer it.

Price Adjustments

If you buy something at full price and then see it on sale within seven days, Todd Snyder will refund the difference. Just make sure you have your original receipt. Note that this only applies to items bought at full price.

Order Changes and Cancellations

Todd Snyder works quickly to ship your orders. This means you can’t change or cancel an order once it’s placed. However, you can return the item if it meets the return policy.

International Orders

  • No Free Returns: If you live outside the US, you have to pay for the return shipping.
  • Duties and Taxes: Any duties and taxes paid at checkout are non-refundable.

You may visit Todd Snyder’s website for any further details on Todd Snyder Return Policy.


Returning items to Todd Snyder is pretty simple if you follow the rules. Remember, you have 30 days to return items, and they must be new and unused.

Whether you return in-store or online, Todd Snyder makes the process easy. Just make sure to read their policies carefully. Happy shopping and returning!

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