Altar d State Return Policy: Simplified

altar d state return policy

Welcome to our easy guide on Altar d State return policy! Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about returning or exchanging items at Altar’d State.

No Time Limit on Returns!

Altar d State return policy is very generous. You can return or exchange items at any time. There is no time limit! Just make sure you have proof of purchase.

If you don’t have the proof of purchase, the Guest Services team can help you find it.

In-Store Returns and Exchanges

How to Return or Exchange in Store

  • Bring the Item: Take the item you want to return or exchange to any Altar’d State store.
  • Order Confirmation: Bring your order confirmation email.
  • Credit Card: If you want a refund to your credit card, bring the card you used to buy the item. If you don’t have it, you’ll get store credit instead.

Returning Items by Shipping

If you bought something online, you can return it by shipping. Here’s how:

How to return Online Purchases

Use one of these two methods to request a Return Label

  1. Go to the Altar’d State return label page on their website.
altar d state return label form
Altar’d State return label page for Online Purchases
  1. Or, find your Altar’d State account and go to Purchase History. Use your Ecomm Order ID from your packing slip to request a return label.
altar d state purchase history

Once the Return Label is generated, pack the item and take it to the shipping location.

How to return In-Store or Instagram/Facebook Purchases

  1. Request a Return Label:
altar d state return form for in-store or facebook instagram
Altar’d State return label page for In Store and Facebook/Instagram Purchases
  1. Pack the Item:
    • Put the item you want to return in a box.
    • Attach the return label to the box.
  2. Ship the Item:
    • Take the box to a shipping location.

Exchanges by Shipping

You can also exchange items by shipping. Here’s how:

  1. Request a Return Label: Follow the steps above to get a return label.
  2. Include a Note: Write a note saying what item you want to exchange it for.
  3. Pack and Ship: Pack the item, include your note, and ship it with the return label.

If the item you want is in stock, they will send it to you. If it’s sold out, you will get a refund. Good news: there is no fee for exchanges!

altar'd state return policy

Return Shipping Fee

If you use a return label from Altar’d State, there is an $8.95 return shipping fee. This fee will be taken out of your refund. Exchanges do not have this fee.

Returning Online Purchases in Store

Yes, you can return items you bought online at any Altar’d State store. Just follow the in-store return steps. Here is the Altar’d State Store Locator.

Shopping with Klarna

If you used Klarna to buy your items and want to return them, don’t worry. Refunds will go back to your Klarna account.

Contact Guest Services

If you have questions or need help, you can contact Altar’d State’s Guest Services team:

  • Phone: 1-800-284-7348
  • Email:

Guest Services is available:

  • Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm EST
  • Saturday/Sunday: 9am-5:30pm EST



Altar’d State makes returns and exchanges easy. You can return items any time with proof of purchase. You can return or exchange items in-store or by shipping. If you need help, the Guest Services team is there for you.

Happy shopping!

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