Return Policy for Ross : Simplified

return policy for ross

Shopping at Ross can be a fun experience with its wide range of products at affordable prices. However, understanding the return policy for Ross is crucial in case you need to return or exchange an item.

This guide will break down Ross Dress for Less return policy in simple language to help you navigate the process easily.

General Return Policy for Ross

Ross Stores have a clear and straightforward return policy. Here’s what you need to know:

Keeping Your Receipt

  • Important: Always keep your receipt after making a purchase.
  • Why: Your receipt is your proof of purchase and is crucial for returns and exchanges.

Verification System

  • System Check: Ross uses a system to verify returns.
  • ID Requirement: You might need to show a valid picture ID (like a Driver’s License, State Photo ID, Passport, or Military ID).

Refund Conditions

  • Receipt Within 30 Days: If you have the original receipt and return the item within 30 days, you’ll get a full refund in the same form of payment used for the purchase.
  • Receipt After 30 Days: If your receipt is older than 30 days, you’ll get a store credit or an exchange.
  • No Receipt: If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll need a valid ID. If approved, you’ll get store credit or an exchange at the item’s current price.

Cash Refunds for Check Purchases

  • Waiting Period: If you paid with a check, you’ll have to wait five days for a cash refund.

Conditions for Items

  • No Refunds/Exchanges: Ross won’t accept returns on items that are used, worn, or altered.
  • Defective Software: You can only exchange opened software if it’s defective. No refunds are allowed.

Special Categories: Fine Jewelry, Swimwear, and Lingerie

Fine Jewelry

  • Same Rules Plus: The return policy is the same as the general policy, but with an extra step.
  • Original Ticket: Fine jewelry returns or exchanges must have the original ticket attached.
  • Receipt Needed: You must have the original receipt.
  • Where: These items can only be returned to stores with a Fine Jewelry Department.

Swimwear and Lingerie

  • Same Rules Plus: The policy for these items is the same as the general store policy.
  • Original Ticket: Swimwear and lingerie must have the original ticket attached.
ross dress for less return policy

Important Tips for Shoppers

Keeping Receipts Safe

  • Why: Receipts are necessary for hassle-free returns and exchanges.
  • How: Keep them in a safe place until you are sure you won’t need to return the item.

ID Requirements

  • Prepare: Always carry a valid ID when returning items without a receipt.

Understanding Store Credit

  • Use: Store credit can be used like cash in Ross stores.
  • Non-Refundable: Store credits can’t be exchanged for cash.

Gift Cards

  • Keep the Receipt: If you buy a gift card, keep the original receipt.
  • Lost/Stolen Cards: If lost or stolen, a gift card can be replaced only with the original receipt showing the remaining balance.

Contact Us Form

For any additional inquiries, you may contact Ross customer care by filling this contact us form available on Ross Dress For less website in the screenshot below

contact us form on Ross dress for less website

If you have trouble accessing Ross website, please call 800‑335‑1115.

For any further queries regarding returns, you may visit Ross Return Policy on their website.



Understanding the Ross return policy can save you time and trouble. Always keep your receipts, carry a valid ID, and know the specific rules for special items.

This way, you can shop with confidence and easily handle any returns or exchanges.

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